Yes they are, the ID of the ticket holder can be requested at the entrance.

Yes, at the entrance to the venue you must be able to prove, if requested by security personnel, that you are of legal age that you are of legal age, so the DNI or NIE is the easiest way to do this to do so. You already know that the Brunch is for people over 18 years old, so we recommend that you always carry your original official identification document (a driver’s licence is also accepted) (a driving licence or passport will also do), as you may be asked for it at the entrance.

We recommend that you download your ticket at home before you go to the venue in order to speed up access and avoid queues at the venue.

Tickets purchased through Resident Advisor: tickets sold through RA are digital and can be downloaded from My tickets. Simply select your order and re-enter your password, and you will be given the option to download your ticket will be given the option to download your ticket. You can also access your ticket through the RA Guide app for iOS.

Event tickets are activated 48 hours before the start of the event; you will not be able to download them before that time you will not be able to download them. This helps to avoid the circulation of fake tickets, overpriced tickets, or excessive prices, or possible scams.

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Yes, it is possible to show it both ways. However, we recommend that you avoid printing it on paper to help the environment. You can download your ticket as a PDF or on the Resident Advisor app, it is important to have it ready to show before you arrive at the it is important to have it ready to show before you get to the end of the queue, this will make it easier for the access staff.

Only people over the age of 18 can enter.

We recommend that you buy your ticket in advance. Tickets will only be sold at the tickets will only be sold at the box office on days when advance tickets are not sold out.

The RA platform has the possibility to re-sell your ticket, you can find the steps to follow in the following link: https://support.ra.co/article/189-quiero-utilizar-el-servicio-de-reventa-de-entradas

We do not support third party resale platforms, including TicketSwap.

We work exclusively with Resident Advisor to provide a vetted and fair method of reselling tickets. All tickets will require the original purchaser and their ID to be present at the venue. All tickets will require the original purchaser and their ID to be present at the gate. Any tickets purchased from an unapproved third party will not allow access. We are against the resale market of resale of duplicate and unofficial tickets.

  • It is a season ticket valid for 10 events in Barcelona during the 2024 season.
  • Fast access to the venue.
  • Guaranteed access even if the events are Sold Out.
  • One person, non-transferable season ticket (you will be asked for your ID card at the entrance together with your pass).


  • There can only be one B-10 season ticket per person (you cannot buy two for the same season).
  • You cannot leave the venue and re-enter on the same day.
  • The B-10 season ticket can only be validated once for each event.
  • It is not possible to change the holder of the B-10 season ticket once it has been edited.
  • The B-10 season ticket will not be subject to partial refund if you have not been able to enjoy 10 events.
  • Valid for Brunch Electronik Festival. If you go 3 days, 3/10 will be subtracted.

We always recommend that you buy tickets exclusively through the official platform, Resident Advisor. In case a person decides to re-sell the ticket in one way or on another ticket in one way or on another platform, the name change must be made by writing to by writing to ticketsupport@ra.co (not “.com”). You may be asked for the ID of the ticket holder in the of the person holding the ticket may be requested at the access.

Yes, this is the only way that RA enables the ticket resale option.

No. However, you have the opportunity to purchase a VIP Experience ticket.

This ticket includes access to the VIP areas (depending on each of the stages you will have one access or another), with exclusive bars and toilets.


We would love to, but animals are not allowed.

It is not permitted to leave the venue and re-enter. If you leave the venue you will have to pay the entrance fee again as long as the event is not sold out.

You can pay in cash or by credit card directly at the points of sale.

We do not have cloakrooms. However, there will be lockers inside for storing personal belongings. There will also be a locker at the entrance where small objects such as motorbike helmets, or objects that are not allowed to be brought into the event (not clothing) will be kept.

*After two months, all items left in the locker and not claimed will be donated to different associations. We will also donate with the lost objects.

Go to the access area and the STAFF will take your personal details. After each event you can check info@brunchelectronik.com or by sending MD to our Instagram.

No professional cameras (SLRs) or video cameras will be allowed into the venues. video cameras. With the exception of those cases expressly authorised by the organisers.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the premises with illegal substances. Anyone caught carrying or consuming any kind of illegal substance will be expelled from the event.

All attendees must pass through a strict control where bags, backpacks, purses and fanny packs will be searched.

Take care of yourself and your friends!


Tickets are purchased at the risk of inclement weather. In the event of cancellation for reasons beyond the control of the organisers, the proportional amount will not be reimbursed.

If rain is forecast, it is usually impossible to change the location or put up a tent, mainly due to the time it takes to get a validated implementation plan approved (usually one month). However, in case the rain decides to join our party, we will be ready to provide you with mackintoshes for everyone, so that you can enjoy the music and dance regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, it is recommended that you bring appropriate clothing and footwear, so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

In case of cancellation prior to the opening of the doors of the event, for reasons beyond the organisation’s control, the full amount of the ticket will be refunded.


Yes, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the final price at the box office even if we are SOLD OUT. You can apply for your discounted ticket directly at the box office on the day of the event, bringing your ID card and a receipt/invoice showing the postcode with your name at the address indicated.

If you have a 33% disability certificate, please contact us at the following e-mail address tickets@brunchelectronik.com Tell us for which date you are interested in getting your ticket, send us your certificate and we will tell you how to proceed. We will inform the teams of your needs in order to offer you the best experience and we will give you an answer as soon as possible. We are working to implement new accessibility measures in our events and for now we have a discount system for people with PRM. If the event is SOLD OUT and you do not have a ticket, we cannot guarantee admission to the event with or without a discount.

Please contact info@brunchelectronik.com in advance for more information. Detailed information will be provided depending on location. Our aim is that ALL people have a positive experience at our celebrations.

You can contact us at the following and you can contact us at the following addresses and telephone numbers:

Barcelona neighbours phone: 680 255 036
Email neighbours Barcelona: vecinos@brunchelectronik.com

Equality and inclusion

No, you can come as you like, as long as your privacy and that of others is respected.

At all of our events we have a SAFE SPACE where we offer assistance to recover the emotional balance to all those who request it. You will also be able to find our LGTBIQ+ and Feminist Stand in case of situations of harassment/discrimination with professionals from the Observatori contra l’LGTBIfòbia. We also have a Point of Prevention and Safe Party with a team of professional psychologists who will assist you in case of minor assistance. For more serious situations we have Medical Services.


We are a celebration without single-use plastics and we work to make our events 100% circular.

Food and drink

You can enter the venue with any food you want. As for drinks, you may enter with a bottle of water of less than half a litre, in a plastic bottle without a cap.

VERY IMPORTANT: Alcoholic beverages and metal or glass containers are not allowed.

Yes, always, at all our events we have FoodTrucks selling food.

We have gluten-free beers (Daura). At all our events, you will find vegan options in each Foodtrucks.

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